With a strong experience like event photographers, we now apply our knowledges in other domains with the same philosophy, take the best of your brand. From Architecture to
Macrophotography, you will be sure that our team is ready for all your requirements.

 With our different lighting packages, your item will be easily and quickly digitalized to let you use the output files with all professional software. We are also ready to give you the advice to
choose which output format file is adapted to you.

 In the same way, our digital equipment is up to date with the lastest lenses and cameras's technology available to be sure to capture the main instant of your event.

 "We do not take a picture, we make it!" We know that's our artistic eyes that made us a reference for main event companies in China.

Richard Texier
Bund 18
July 2005
Chivas Branding
1970 Party
August 2005

Garden Party
French Consul's House
July 13th 2005

Chivas Artist
2070 Party
June 2005



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