Making your brand looks more beautiful is Vision Rouge's priority, from titling, subtitle, fixing
the color of picture, to sound editing, special visual effect and 3D animation, anything that can
efficiently get the message of the client across but also with a state of art-of-the-art style.

It's our facilities and people that allows us to promise you that we are able to create you an
exciting and informative work by our video post-productions services, no matter it's factual or
Driven by our technical insight, and desire to deliver high-value works, we are able to fix any
flaws in your footage, to provide your video special effect, examples of such keying, morphing,
and computer animations.
In a word, we can make something invisible in your footage becoming visible on your video.

We see post-production as a partnership, a way of meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations.
It involves bringing together all of the raw footage and stills in a seamless, continuous stream
of moving images.
In all cases, this will involve an editing process, and yet what we can do better with special
effects and even computer-generated images (CGI) is to bring them to a higher standard.
We pride ourselves on the quality of knowledge and advice we offer to our clients and our
continuous support both pre & post service.

At each step, our team will take care of your concerns, always keep you posted on our project
process while we get on with making your brand and your accomplished business shine.
And when all you need is a little to achieve that professional finish, we can also provide those
specialist services and advice that make all the difference to your productions.


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