Choosing Vision Rouge for your video project is the insurance to have a team of professionals
following from its writing to its achievement.

For each step, we are able to provide you a qualitative and artistic complete satisfaction.
Our digital video technology range of competencies goes from the basis shooting to the
complex digital 3D effects layout compositing.
The sound editing is not forgotten either thanks to the full sound recording and mixing
knowledge of the systems used many times in our past events experiences.
Further to its 10 years experience in France, our team masters perfectly the different
techniques needed for an event (lighting, sound, artists) and knows how to adapt itself
quickly on every shooting situations.
Combining the experience acquired in the United States and the Chinese culture presence in
our staff result in an excellent young, innovative and creative tool for all your next projects
in China.

Our studio is fully digital and equipped with the latest computer technologies to allow you
to make the difference et make your brand becoming more attractive in front of a Chinese
public looking more and more for quality.

We are therefore able to work in every formats, from movie to video and event with the latest
high digital definition TV standard. (Whatever is smarter for your project)

The image and sound editing is done with respect of your expectations to provide you a final
media appropriate for your clients.
DVD, VCD, CD-rom, VHS tape, video sales displays and also USB key, every formats are possible.

Do not hesitate to ask us, we are also here to advise you !


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